The web site “Arte e creazioni” is the online web store of the Shop “A Regola d’Arte” which is located in a small town of Mugello in Tuscany.

The laboratory is a source of ideas.

There is the creation of unique items, which start from furniture for your home, such as pillows, table centerpieces, paintings, etc. .., to the Restoration of furniture, upholstery work, to emphasize the modern version but also to valorise the characteristic of the period to which the object belongs.

There is the most fashionable, in which there is the design and manufacture of handbags, even on the custom order. There are fabric bags, jute hand-painted, lace, fancy fabrics, matching sometimes with strange pairings, that they have always found a good response.

Then there are the leather bags, combined with recycled materials revisited… new ideas, where it comes out from the common and monotonous articles…

We can say that we never stay still. We risk, we test everything, to search new paths, exchanging ideas with other artists and also with the customers themselves.